I’ve worked on both fiction and nonfiction.


I’ve edited more novels than I can remember—romance, action-adventure, science fiction, western, amateur detective/mystery, historical, speculative, horror, young adult…and novels I can only speculate that the author wrote for therapy or wish-fulfillment. (Nothing wrong with that!) I must confess that they’re not all good novels—in one horror novel, a man becomes an ingredient in a kitchen-sized kettle of soup—but I support every author’s right to write his or her book. My job is to help my novelists write the books they want to write.


I can’t even think of all  the topics of the nonfiction books I’ve edited. Some enchanting memoirs and biographies. History, both traditional and revisionist. Philosophy and religion. Numerous books of mainstream metaphysics and New Age topics. Calvinist theology. A book about Islam that is nearly half a million words long. Pagan topics, including yoga, Tantra,  the Tarot. Healing and recovery from addiction. Science and technology. Political tracts (not all of which I agree with, but we don’t all have to think alike, do we?) Business and marketing.

I learn something new every day. My authors teach me as much about their topics as I teach them about writing.